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A Fulfilling And Enjoyable Pet Owning Experience.

Our services extend beyond you bringing your furry friend home! We strive to provide care and support to pawrents so we can ease their journey in owning a pet and creating a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Continue reading to know more about us.

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Woof-tastic Testimonials from Our Happy Pawrents

Hear what our growing crowd of satisfied clients have to say about us!

Jonathan Sampan

The shop owners are accommodating and allows you to pet the puppies, until you can choose the right puppy for you that will give you an unconditional love. We have our french bulldog from them, and the puppy is really smart and a beauty.



Our “Happy” girl from here, thanks 😘


Anca Jing Lin

HIGHLY recommend! The Ministry of pup has passion & patience staffs that I’m impressed by the level of service & support they provided before & after. They’re very attentive and supportive and most important, their dogs r in good health and cheerful ones!


Megan Tay

It was a wonderful experience with MOP! Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in getting a dog as a first time pet owner. MOP was very patient in being able to instruct me and my family on the dog’s personality, needs and instructions when moving them to their future home. Additionally, MOP also held a dog party this year at Sentosa with amazing activities and prizes for dogs to interact with their siblings and meet other new friends at the party. I was able to have a good time meeting other like minded peers and MOP dog and dog owners that are friendly and interactive with one another. I would highly recommend this shop of Ministry Of Dogs to first time pet owners because of how MOP is unique.


Eileen Chan

Angelynn and her husband are professional, trustworthy people. They validate our profile and match with their available puppy, they could have push us to get a older puppy (because I showed interest on the older puppy) but they didn’t, they based on their experience to advise us. What I like is no hard sell, also they are really nice to share on how to take care of a French bulldog. We went back home with our puppy, I followed what I was told, so far so good. The puppy we took from them is healthy and well trained. We are so happy to have a new member in our family. Thank you!! Merci beaucoup.


Axel Goh

Pleasant experience and service from the crew from MOP. The care and love they put into their pups can be shown from the behaviour of the dogs. Glad to have our first dog from MOP !


Wei Jie

Really good experience at Ministry of Pup! As a first time dog owner, they provided me with confidence on the quality and health of the dogs. They were also very responsive and extremely helpful in answering all my queries. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for high quality and ethical puppies! Cheers from Kepler too!


Lisa Lim

Had a really great experience at Ministry of Pup, their staff were lovely and friendly, and very willing to share their knowledge. They were very patient with us in allowing us to spend time with the puppies before making the big decision on bringing one home! They were also able to assure us on the health and quality of the puppies. Lumiére says hi!


Tricia Wong

FABULOUS EXPERIENCE, would recommend to everyone, especially first time pet owners! As a 1st timer, I was anxious about my ability to care for a pup. The MOP team was extremely patient in explaining to me all the details needed, from diet to lifestyle. There was no hard selling at all, it was very light-hearted. The shop has a conducive living environment (spacious, unlike crampy space I’ve seen in other shops…) for the pups & I was given plenty of time to interact with the dogs in the play area. The pups here are ethically-bred, top quality, healthy and trained. My 3months old pup came home totally toilet trained, which really cut down a lot of my hassle. He is really cheerful and well-socialized as well (the pups get play time with each other daily in the shop!) The customer service of the MOP team is amazing. As someone clueless about how to care for dogs, I bombarded them with questions and they thoughtfully answered them all. They were very accommodating to my arrangements for pick-ups as well. I have to highlight, the awesome after-sale service! They responded to all my pleas for help & any uncertainties I have 24/7! In terms of logistics, they offer a puppy starter package containing most essential items. Any additional items, they were able to supply (kibbles/grooming items) or they were kind enough to help me suggest trusted brands. Thankyou so much to the MOP team ❤


Yvonne Yeo

Great experience with MOP!!! They were accommodating to my requests for arrangements to make Gus (my new pug) acclimate better to my new home. Also provided a lot of advices to help cope with my allergy towards dogs’ dander. They are sincere, and truly dog lovers, not just selling pups, but also building a community of dog lovers!


Gary kwang

Thanks to James and Angeline from Ministry of Pup. I bought a Lilac French Bulldog. Both James and Angeline had great after service. They will answer your questions if you are in need. Once again Thank You, will bring my Frenchie back to the shop to visit some day soon


Marcus Yap

found my puppy leia from MOP, their staff are friendly, patient and helpful during the process of bringing leia home! happy to be first time owner of a french bulldog thanks to MOP!


Duckie Jin

Got my cutest girl from MOP . Pre-sale service was great and post sales service is fantastic. What is more important is that MOP folks are genuine. They will tell you which dog suits your choices and also helps you with the training and care, especially on those very unique and special cases. rest assure you won’t receive a double blue tick with no response on any queries that you have.


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