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FABULOUS EXPERIENCE, would recommend to everyone, especially first time pet owners! As a 1st timer, I was anxious about my ability to care for a pup. The MOP team was extremely patient in explaining to me all the details needed, from diet to lifestyle. There was no hard selling at all, it was very light-hearted. The shop has a conducive living environment (spacious, unlike crampy space I’ve seen in other shops…) for the pups & I was given plenty of time to interact with the dogs in the play area.

The pups here are ethically-bred, top quality, healthy and trained. My 3months old pup came home totally toilet trained, which really cut down a lot of my hassle. He is really cheerful and well-socialized as well (the pups get play time with each other daily in the shop!)

The customer service of the MOP team is amazing. As someone clueless about how to care for dogs, I bombarded them with questions and they thoughtfully answered them all. They were very accommodating to my arrangements for pick-ups as well. I have to highlight, the awesome after-sale service! They responded to all my pleas for help & any uncertainties I have 24/7!

In terms of logistics, they offer a puppy starter package containing most essential items. Any additional items, they were able to supply (kibbles/grooming items) or they were kind enough to help me suggest trusted brands.

Thankyou so much to the MOP team ❤